Season 1 Questions

  • You make a valid point concerning motohama and Matsuda. I always figured that they asked before the event with the giant fairy princess guy. However when they discovered what other types of people the ORC associated with, they decided to perv on the girls from a distance. As close of a distance as they can get with out being in the ORC.

  • What did you think of the revelation that Asia was a former nun of the Catholic Church?

  • What role do you think kiritia (no idea of spelling) has in the future. I originally thought she was going to become part of the group. However then they filled that spot with the valcurie. So now I am thinking she is a spy there at school for one of the devil house not yet mentioned. Could she hide being a devil though from Rias or Konoko? Both who are very powerful and abel to sense others with power.

  • It's good to be back after a long time. Now, here are two more questions for the price of one.

    What did you think of Dohnaseek, Karawarner and Mittelt?

    What did you think of Raynare stealing Asia's Sacred Gear, the death of Raynare, and Asia joining the Occult Research Club?

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