Change the way the video quality is configured.

  • I noticed I can set my desired quality, which is great. Unfortunately, the video quality doesn't start where I set it. The stream goes through each quality setting, from the worst, to whichever I have chosen. What I'm suggesting, if possible, is add a menu which starts on auto by default and has all the normal quality settings, the only difference being that it will automatically restart the stream and reload it in the manually chosen resolution, like YouTube. I only suggest this because the player experiences bugs as it moves through the resolutions, even on my gaming rig.

  • Its based upon Quality of Service. At the moment, the player auto-adjusted to what it thinks is the most stable experience (based upon latency). This, of course is a problem if your connection is unstable. I assume they did it this way because they wanted to "noob-proof" the product by taking away the option from people. That way, they don't come in and complain, "FIX MY PLAYRZ!!!" when they are using too high of a setting.

    But yes, as for people who do have "a functioning brain", it is annoying nevertheless…

  • The new site will have an "Auto" option as well as SD, HD 720, and HD 1080 options. However, you will still see the player go through the bitrates as it adjusts to your internet connection resulting in low quality video for 1 to 4 minutes depending on the speed and stability of your internet connection.

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