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  • hi I'm new to form posting and have posted this under the anime in question with sadly no response so I thought posting this in the general section would help. I have just recently watched Fairy Tail and now I am completely hooked on it I was able to get collection 1 and 2 on Blu-ray while collection three and four on normal DVD. Does Anyone Know if or when Fairy Tail collections five and onwards will be coming to the UK as I have been searching online any information would be helpful. thank you

  • They probably will, in time… as Fairy Tail is FUNimation's "Primary Series" for the most part. IF you want to buy the USA ones; it is possible if you buy a US Region BluRay player as well, in either case.

    PAL versus NTSC video formats, in general; plus region locking, is the difference.


    Not a collection, but Anime Limited is bringing the series back with them working with FUNimation to distribute their titles in the UK.

    If you can't wait to watch it then you could go subscribe to the UK site and watch it there;

  • So, Manga UK under their licensing deal with Funimation have released 9 single-cours (12 episode) volumes of Fairytail on DVD - 108 episodes in total - and four 2-volume collections. From part 5 onwards prices for BD replication had dropped to the point that parts 5-8 were released on both BD and DVD and the first two collections were also re-released on BD. Sales were disappointing so the collection 3 BD was cancelled and both Part 9 and Collection 4 (episodes 73-96) were again DVD-only.
    Last July it was revealed that Manga would not be releasing any further volumes, making Collection 4 in September their last release (part 9 had been released back in February)

    With Anime Limited now acting as a local distributor, the part sets are now continuing to be released, with parts 10-12 being released in consecutive months from July 25th. Further collected sets won't be solicited until later (it looks like historically there's been around a year between the parts and the collections), so if you wanted to pick these up you would also need Manga's part 9 to fill the gap.

  • Ahhh, very good info; from our British mod nonetheless. Very good day to you, indeed…

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