Ouran high school host club

  • Hey, this is Soccerkat02.
    A lot of people I know (especially me) are wanting more episodes of the anime, Ouran high school host club. We did like the ending, it's just that the show was too short.
    Maybe there could be a second season?
    Once I finished the anime, I kind of was in a "show hole"…..
    You've probably already had suggestions related to this, but I just wanted my suggestion to be heard as well.

  • Hi there. Welcome to the forums.

    Now please read this:


    In short, Funimation doesn't make anime. They only license it from Japan.

    Also, The Suggestion Box forum is meant for people to recommend changes to the website itself, not to post which anime they want licensed or continued.

    I'm going to close this topic now. If you'd like to talk more about Ouran, please feel free to post in our Ouran High School Host Club section of the forums.

    Sorry about the confusion. :)

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