Video not available…..why don't i get that on netflix??

  • I watch funimation videos on netflix and have no video errors at all why not???

  • Funimation likely has different licensing agreements in place for shows that it places on Netflix verses shows placed on its site. So while the same show may be listed in both locations they may only be allowed to stream to certain regions on this site. Of course you could always be experiencing a different issue as well.

  • If you are getting an error on this site then report it to Support:

  • Smile your on funimation TV, THEY GOT YOU 2!!! LOL..

  • sigh just found my answer to where to place support messages, this info should have been easy to find! but that would make sense!

  • There is a Help link in the footer, which is at the bottom of every page. That directs you to our Support Page. There is a Help Forum listed on the main forum page. There is a sticky thread in most of the main forums and the Subscriber forum telling users to please use our Support page to report issues. There is a FAQ page, which is linked on the Support page and at the top of the forum. If you have any suggestions for how we can make where to get help more apparent, we have a Suggestions forum.

  • Watching netflix in Pakistan is no joke. Up in the remotest areas of Balochistan where I can luckily connect to the internet, this is possible, thanks in no small measure to streaming vpn.

  • @spaazz2112:

    I watch funimation videos on netflix and have no video errors at all why not???

    What i am learning is that it all has to do with funimation. I feel like i am back in the old days of dial up where you have to wait till off hour times to ever do anything. Its ridiculous that a company as large as this has issues like that, Netflix has not be around half as long as funimation and i very seldom if ever have any issues watching a show but with funimation every day from about 7 pm till 1 am it is almost impossible to watch anything. Honestly i wouldn't even be here if they didn't seem to have the market cornered on dubbed anime, crunchy roll has 10x's better service then this but lacking in the dubbing sadly.

    Another thing that irks me is how well the admin CJ is at deleting any post that doesn't agree with their mantra or locking them. This kind of nazi mentality from a company that is offering a service that we as consumers pay for is unfathomable, all you need to do is look at the help area and see how well all that is going and how many threads are locked and i know posts of mine have been deleted, so no telling how many others have had the same thing happen.

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