Fairy Tail UK realease?

  • hi I have just recently watched Fairy Tail and now I am completely hooked on it I was able to get collection 1 and 2 on Blu-ray while collection three and four on normal DVD. Does Anyone Know if or when Fairy Tail other collection will be coming to the UK as I have been searching online any information would be helpful. thank you

  • What happened is that Manga Uk lost the licensing rights to Fairy Tail, so pretty much we can't get anything past Collection 4, unless you import. You can import Blurays from Australia as we share the same region code for Blurays, so you can get Collection 5. Collection 6 however hasn't been announced at all yet.

    I do hope in the future Funimation will sub license to another company in the UK but at the moment the only option is importing.

  • I have collection 1 & 2 from Manga UK and 3 & 4 from Funimation. They can be played on a region 2 blu-ray. I imagine the rest will be too.

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