Who remembers G4 and Tech TV?

  • So who remembers G4 and Tech TV?

    Who remembers the cast of The Screensavers?

    Who remembers the original TV host line up on G4?

    I wish that Comcast didn't screw the fans and those that worked for G4 and Tech TV.

  • I remember both channels, I remember the merge, I remember the Cops and Cheaters era. Then once Kevin Pereira left Attack of the Show that was the end of the channel for me. I had long left X-play because they seemed to let their personal bias get tied up in their game reviews.

    I was on their forums up until they turned out the lights

  • @Hanssen01:

    I wish that Comcast didn't screw the fans and those that worked for G4 and Tech TV.

    What is worse is that they replaced it with a completely trash channel (Esquire) that nobody watches; yet ye all paying for it, in either case…

  • i'm not ashamed to admit that i learned computer stuff from watching leo laporte as a kid/pre-teen

  • I remember G4.

    I watched it for Ninja Warrior and I think X-Play…

  • This post is deleted!

  • I miss G4 tv
    That was the coolest channel we had

  • I miss G4 tv
    That was the coolest channel we had

  • Hey,
    I forgot about that

  • I watched the first five episodes of Lain on TechTV as well as several other series. G4 aired the Marvel anime after we lost the channel

  • Netflix streamed one of their shows briefly, Code Monkeys.
    But G4 was awesome! I think there would be a market for G4/TechTV.

    Kevin Pereira Co-hosts a show on TruTV, called Hack My Life. It's meh, but if you have a fondness of the man, you can find him there.

    And their broken website is still up…technically...but I guess it was too much reroute the traffic after pulling funds.

  • Want to know something really funny? Kevin Pereira went to the same high school as I did, but he graduated like 5 or 6 years before I got there. Lol

    But yeah G4 was cool, there really isn't any gaming stuff on TV anymore.

  • I dunno, I've had my head around the topic since I first posted in this thread…

    What would it show these days?

    My opinion only, but it seems like there's more focus on mobile gaming(Looking at my former love, Square-Enix, you lazy bums). That doesn't really make for good television.
    I'd like to know what shows could be produced to fill programming blocks without tons of rerun content.

    And lets stay away from Cops and Cheaters this time lol...

  • I loved Tech TV and G4, before all the reruns Cops and Cheaters.

  • I stopped watching when they got rid of my favorite shows and people after the merge. It was all a bunch of crap, they turned from an actual tech channel into an every day crap channel just like the rest of TV. It sucked.

  • I remember G4 for X Play.

  • I remember TechTV and G4 TV. I didn't like G4 as much as I liked TechTV. My favorite shows were the ScreenSavers and Call for Help, which were both hosted by Leo LaPorte, The shows were entertaining, yet informative. I was sad to see them go, so I dropped watching that channel after the merge. COPS and Cheaters has nothing to with tech. Just like you can't find music videos on MTV anymore or VH1.

  • There was Last Exile

  • I remember it g4 and tech for the show Portal and for Anime Unleashed
    Titles Like Soul taker and Gungrave blew my mind

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