Strike Witches GAME: Kiseki no Rondo TRANSLATION/DOWNLOADS

  • Because of all the people complaining about the Strike Witches Game not having an English port, a friend and I have created a convenient Dropbox containing Menu translations and download links to the Android version as well as the Google Chrome app.

    I hope this makes your experience with this amazing game much easier and overall better!

    bit .ly/1Tca2Hl
    [Connect link when using]

  • Sorry, but it's against the forum Terms of Service to post links to downloads. Here's what it says in the official forum rules:

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    No linking to, providing, uploading, posting, or discussing illegal content including fansubs, untranslated videos and manga, torrents, music, software, warez, appz, cracks, CD codes, software used for cracks or other malicious activity, translated manga scans, or rips of any kind. The same goes for private messages.
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