I am no longer a paid member because of Funimation!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am the bearer of bad news, really bad news. Due to the new FunimationNow app and my tablet can't play it I had to cancel my paid membership. Funimation refuses to support the Phunware Funimation app. I had been a good paid member for 2 1/2 years and I had never missed a payment only just once. I was happy with this streaming service.

    I am pissed off and sadden that I will not be able to complete watching Fairy Tail, High School DxD, Witchblade, Corpse Princess, Kiddy Grade, Arise: Ghost In The Shell, and Jinki: Extend. I will not be able to see Strike Witches The Movie if Funimation ever does make the movie English Dubbed. I had other anime on my list I have not seen yet and I will not see those. I was on these episodes of the shows I was watching:

    Fairy Tail Episode 127
    High School DxD Episode 20
    Witchblade Episode 20
    Corpse Princess Episode 20
    Kiddy Grade Episode 10
    Jinki: Extend Episode 10
    Arise: Ghost In The Shell Episode 5

    So because of this I can't be a paid member. I hope Funimation is happy that they screwed me and others in my situation? The situation of people who can't play the new app. I loved being able to watch streaming anime since i can't afford buying the DVD's. I made it my own personal DVD collection.

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