Where's the rest of Fairy Tail dub?

  • Hi, I'm pretty well into Fairy Tail and I've been watching it dubbed, but all the sudden episodes 229-265 don't seem to exist dubbed. Is this just no one bothered putting them online dubbed or do they just not exist? I can't find an answer anywhere, so any insight is appreciated.

  • They have actually decided that they are NEVER going to dub those episodes!!!!!!

    Ok, I am totally kidding. :)

    Episode 266 Started Fairy Tail 0-Which was a simulcast that received a broadcast dub. this is why there is a gap because they are actually pulling double duty to try and get dubbed spisodes out faster.

    While this was going on, they are still also dubbing the backlog of episodes. Because it is a different arc there should be no significant loss due to the current gap and viewing the episodes after the gap. They are filling it closed as fast as they can.

  • Also the next batch of episodes will be available on the site dubbed on June 7th. Episodes 227-239.

  • …expect a release rate of 12 episodes/quarter...

  • Fairy Tail is on a year break to give the creator time to make more content. It will probably be back next April. With that said, the dub of Fairy Tail is in the middle of the last arc that the sub had (Tartaros). I'm pretty sure that Funimation is going to finish dubbing Tartaros and the last couple episodes of Fairy Tail Zero they left off (rightfully), then do a couple week delay when Fairy Tail kicks back up. That's just a guess, but I could see it happening since they did it with FTZ.

    But to answer your question without the conjecture, no, no one has forgotten it. It's coming and should be out within the year.

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