I really, really, really need your help

  • I need your help. This is to those that can't use the new FunimationNow App that use devices that are not supported. As you can see from my attached picture FunimationNow is not supported on my Proscan Android Version 4.4.2 tablet. To those that use like devices and those that have problems with the new app that your having problem with it. Please go here or e-mail Funtech directly at:


    You could just e-mail them directly. I hope it works. If not just submit a ticket to support. The more people that complain to Funimation and tell them to support the current version of the app. The current version of the old app is Version 2.5. I need your help please. I want to remain a paid member that is willing to pay $7.99 per month and legally support the voice actors and actresses that do the shows. I appreciate the help and thanks.

  • Everyone should just post to this thread, so that we can more easily track the number of requests. Thank you!!

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