Selector - Season 2 - 13-14 Dub 4:3?

  • Why are the English dubs of the 1st 2 episodes of season 2 encoded to Fullscreen with letterbox (4:3), and not widescreen (16:9)?

    EDIT Almost 48 hours, and not a single reply. Either no one will say Oop's, Or, No one watch's this series. The subbed versions are widescreen (16:9), Why can't the dubbed versions be widescreen (16:9) too?

    EDIT 2 I'd like to say Thanks for acknowledging there way a mistake in the encoding of these 2 episodes. And, I'd like to say Thanks for fixing the problem AND posting that the mistake was fixed…

    But, I can't...Because no one did any of that. Thankfully, I wasn't holding my breath waiting for it.

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