Hatsune Miku Concert Contest - what's the point?

  • What's the point of having a contest for tickets to a concert that almost no one can go to?

  • YOU can, just have to have flexible life (granted easier said then done). Airfares at the moment are preety low for the most part last time I checked (probably can get to TX for around $300).

    IDK if it comes with a Funimation (Flower Mound HQ) Tour or not; else you only really need to stay 1 night.

    Now, in terms of the General Admission tickets… yes, unless you are hardcore you may have a point. Standing in long line "hoping' for a good seat after a 3-4 hour plane ride isn't fun. But the box tickets are reaaaal nice....... :)

    …anyways I got a thread that discusses this issue further in the Music sub-forum.

  • ^This, or… it's targeted to people who live in Texas.
    There are contests like this for a lot of events, they're not obligated to provide transit. e.g. I've seen Crunchyroll and ANN do contests for concerts in CA or NY (most recently Aoi Eir, I think), plus conventions that are anywhere.

    It'd be really awkward if they did have to provide transit - that could mean anywhere from a subway ticket to a 10+ hour flight, depending where the winner lives (except they'd probably but a cap on it).

    But if you can't go... don't enter ^_^; Simple.

  • @Fiammetta:

    But if you can't go… don't enter ; Simple.

    …that's why the odds of winning are actually extremely high compared to most giveaways. From the rules... looks like 40 tickets (20 are "Grand Prize"; Funimation suite ones)... so even if 1000 people entered your odds aren't bad.

    Of course, if I won, I only would want the "Funibooth" tickets. The difference is the other ones are just "general admission"; which you could buy yourself (for Houston), have to stand in line for hours for probably a standing seat. I already went to the one in Seattle, so no need to go /doom now.

    Indeed, and if it were to come with some sort of Funimation HQ tour, well that could sweeten the Grand Prize offer a bit...

    BTW, if I "win" the second place, and someone here wants the ticket; let me know, and I will send Funimation your way (assuming I can do that). First come, first served...

    Me going for gold, or going home. All or nothing. Well, I made a small profit on the "Kentucky Derby" today (<$40) on a $6 Exacta bet, so alas I suppose "me feeling lucky". Hoping for the big one, the approx 1/2 billion Powerball tonight.

    Indeed, it is more like "skills" though...

  • Update: Aaaa well, times us; looks like Me failed as usual, less there is some sort of delay. Wonder who won, in either case…

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