Black Butler Song

  • Black Butler Song What's the song playing right before the theme song on episode 18 season 1 of Black Butler?

  • Are you the same person who asked this before?

    Anyway, I don't think there is one… I looked at the episode when this question was asked before (by a user called "loveciel")

    If you mean the opening, it's "Monochrome Kiss" by SID.

    As for an insert song/ background music in that episode, there isn't one before the opening. Do you mean the end credits?

  • I said before the theme song. I don't know if you listened close enough. The song plays at the very start when Ciel touches part of his records from the past etc. Listen more closely it's in the background. Are you sure your looking at the right one? If you don't know that's okay. However it is definitely not the theme song. I know every song in the show except for the one that I'm talking about. That's why I'm asking in the first place. Like I said if you don't know that's okay. I have the song I'm talking about recorded but I don't think you can put things like that in a post. However since there is talking in the recording I can't exacly have just the song.

  • yes there is a song before the theme song.

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