About the FUNimation Roku app

  • Hello, I am so excited that there is a Roku app for Funimation! I actually signed up for the service when I found out. There are some problems with the app though. I would like to point them out so that perhaps they could be fixed as quickly as possible. I am a big fan of the show One Piece. When I go into the app and select the show I see that I can go subbed or dubbed. The problem I have however is there is no history of watched shows. For example when I want to watch One Piece on the Roku app I have to push the over button 189 times to get to episode 189. This is very time consuming and annoying. Do you think you could work with Roku to fix the app so that at least there is a history of the last watched show? It takes me over 3 minutes just to get to where I can watch One Piece to where I am in the show. It may seem like a minor problem but trust me it is very annoying you should try it yourself you will understand what I mean when you try to watch One Piece episode 189 on the Roku. Thank you very much for listening to my suggestion I would appreciate any feedback to let me know if you are working on it. Thank you very much,

    James Friedsam

  • I use Roku too, and this would make it so much better. It would be nice if it was a bit more like the Net Flix app for Roku. :)

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