Forgotten the title of an anime

  • I'm not sure if there is a better place to ask this on the internet, but I have been on the hunt for an anime that I watched years ago that I can only clearly remember one of the final scenes of.
    The focus of the anime was a girl who had wings trying to grow out of her back and in the main scene I can remember the mother is walking her in a wheel chair after some time that the girl seemed to be improving, and suddenly the girl doubles over in pain asking her mom if it's ok if she let's go now, and it becomes obvious she's been hiding her real state. I want to say she flew away after this but my memory is a bit blurry outside of that scene.

    If anyone knows what anime this was please let me know!

  • It sounds a little bit like Air, maybe, but certain parts don't fit.

    Is this the girl?

  • No but from what I'm reading of Air the plots are extremely similar.

  • I wish I knew the name of that show because it sounds amazing.

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