Will the Funimation Channel ever return?

  • I've been enjoying the funimation channel sense 2012, and when I saw all the commercials for Toku I became worried. As I expected Toku wasn't affiliated with funimation. Toku is ok, there's only like 4-5 animes I liked on there. I really wish Funimation Channel would return losing it was like losing a friend.

  • Already have a thread with the answer:


    From the answers I have gotten, FUNi is planning on relaunching the VOD service firs t and will see how that goes before relaunching the linear channel.

  • "losing it was like losing a friend."

    So true. Would love to see this return to Verizon FiOS. As of this point, is there any update on this?



  • My message/plea to Funimation to bring the channel back would be: look at the NEW Toonami. Fans are breaking their necks to watch it, and despite Toonami loosing an hour or two from their block recently and almost getting cancelled their still going strong. Also the new Toonami comes on in the middle of the freaking night! its not even in the daytime or a 24 hour channel yet it survives and fans clamor to it! Bringing back the Funimation Channel would help not only Funimation but also Japan's anime industry, with it back on AT&T U-Verse and maybe on DirectTV and Charter aswell, it would help stopping illegal streaming sites from flourishing.

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