Well, This is unnerving.

  • Funny thing. Ten bucks says that once Season 2 of Attack on Titan comes out, whatever JoJo series is out is gonna be forced into obscurity because Attack on Titan is, according to the fans (And I hope I am saying it correctly), "The Best Anime ever, aside from DBZ".

  • So when season 2 of Attack on Titan comes out the show JoJo will be stopped and pushed aside? Did I get that right?

  • nope. exiakaiser believes that if season 2 of Titan ever happens, and JoJo is still airing when that time comes, all anyone is going to talk about is Titan, leaving JoJo to fade away into obscurity

  • Ohhh, well I kinda feel bad for JoJo. Maybe it won't happen (JoJo fading away)

  • Here's hoping. It's a good adaptation (Funny, seeing as its been attempted 2 OTHER TIMES!)

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