What happened?

  • I started watching Yona of the Dawn and when I got to ep 3 I saw that it was subbed. So I went to check and realized Ep 1-2 are dubbed, 3-12 are subbed and 13-24 are dubbed. What's up with 3-12 being subbed?

  • Funimation decided to dub the second half before the first for some odd reason. Just like how they dubbed Tokyo Ghoul Root A before they did the first season. It really did NOT go over well with fans, so they learned their lesson with Snow White with the Red Hair and pushed out a dub of the first half before doing a broadcast dub for the second.

    Anyways, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until closer to the physical release date for the dubs for episodes 3-12. :hmm:

  • Part One comes out June 7th, in a little over a month. Not that long of a wait thankfully.

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