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  • They just announced a new K anime series called K Seven Stories, that will presumably serve as a sequel to K Return of Kings.

    Very cool news! Who else is excited for this? I am seriously starting to think about watching the sub and catching up.

    Check out the full article on ANN:
    Source: (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-04-30/k-project-gets-new-anime-stage-play-dance-performance/.101645)

  • Omg ^_^ and to think I was talking about this yesterday with another forum member. I'm excited

  • lol that's funny! Yeah, me too! This is definitely one of my favorite shows! I can't say enough good things about it.

    I still can't decide if I should just cave in and watch the movie and season 2 in sub. lol I've been waiting for the dub for awhile now.

  • (( watch the sub watch the sub watch the sub do it do it do it ))

    … ahem. Did someone say K?

    So it's probably at least part prequel because (spoiler).
    (Seriously watch the sub and don't look to hard at that picture because it has spoilers in it. Spoilers everywhere. Really. You don't want to get spoilers.)

    But I hope it has something after RoK because even if (spoiler) happened… that's not a conclusion. Ahhhh can't say anything without spoilers, go watch it though...

    Viz needs to hurry up with that dub. I feel like it will still be a while because it practically just finished, but it feels like forever. It's been forever since Missing Kings, though. I've been speculating about Yukari's dub voice for about a year and a half now. I think more than that.

  • lol Well, how can I say no to that? You've convinced me! I will start watching the subs. First up is Missing Kings!

    Yeah, K is one of those shows where if you say too much it can ruin the fun. Luckily I have been able to avoid all of the spoilers so far. I am definitely going to try and catch up on the sub now that a new season is coming out. I wonder if they will turn any of the spin-off and prequel manga into OVAs. That would be cool. Nice picture btw lol I took your advice and didn't look over it too hard.

    They seriously do though. It's been forever. VIZ takes a long time to get their stuff released. I also want them to start publishing the K manga over here. Did you get this one on Bluray or DVD?

    Do you have a favorite character?

  • Favorite characters: Shiro, Kuroh, Munakata, Saruhiko, . . . after that, sort of everyone. Not a fan of Nagare and Iwa, but Sukuna is growing on me. I used to really not like Misaki but now I don't mind him. Season 2 saved him for me. Same with Saruhiko, actually.
    (by "that picture" I meant the "Seven Stories" one.)

    They're also doing a stage play of Lost Small World, the SaruMi prequel novel. That… should be interesting. The other stage plays don't look that good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-6xA4OoeS4 But the guy who plays Misaki is cute, so…

  • I would say that my favorite characters are Mikoto, Kuroh, Izumo, Saruhiko, and Shiro. But, as you said, all of the characters are great.

    oh, that picture. That makes more sense. I didn't notice anything so no worries (although I really like the art in that picture).

    Oh, no, a stage play? lol I'm not sure about that one.

  • Stage plays of anime basically exist for shipping fanservice. That's why the shows that get stage plays tend to be things like Black Butler, Haikyuu, K, Saiyuki… there's a Touken Ranbu one now, too, apparently.

    The second Black Butler musical was good, but the rest... eh.

    I will probably be seeing the 4th one when I go to Japan anyway, though ^_^;

  • This post is deleted!

  • You are going to Japan? Lucky! :) I bet it is so much fun. How many times have you been?

  • Twice ^_^; I went for a college class there, and then I went back just because…
    So for most countries out of the US, Canada, EU countries, Australia, Japan, and probably others, if you're a citizen of one you can stay up to 3 months without a visa... so my plan is to just hop around for different countries for 2-3 months multiple times a year. So far I've just done that in Tokyo, but I want to go to Paris and Vienna, too ( /rococo addict).

    I'm going November -January this time... the best thing would be is Seven Stories ends up being movies and one or two of them come out while I'm there. They'll probably have simultaneous screenings here like they did with Missing Kings (I went to both screenings <3), but I'd still like to see them there... I'm totally seeing the 4th Black Butler musical, though. <3

    ... did you watch it yeeett??

    Edit: Just a thought...

    Anyone notice how similar Tatara Totsuka and Shiro are? I feel like there must be some sort of connection between them... like if they make Seven Stories and then another season and keep going for a long time, eventually there will be something and then people will be like, "They've been pointing to that all along!"

    Also how, in the dub casting, (HUGE SPOILERS FOR SEASON 1 go watch it if you haven't omg).

    ! Totsuka and Weismann are played by the same voice actor. There's a lot of double casting, but those are the most major characters to be double-cast. I like to think they weren't sure whether the Japanese producers who have to approve dub casts would be okay with it, and they suggested it and then the approvals people were just like, "do it do it do it do it," excitedly. ^_^;
    They're both so adorable though. And he does creepy so well when he's possessed by Colorless. … I wonder how much they coordinated with Colorless and Shiro's voices... it came out well, like they did. Ughhh both of them (Weismann's voice actor and Shiro's voice actor) are soooo good!


    ! Notice how in episode 8, Shiro sort of changes… he starts acting like he did before, like in the flashback. Notice his voice when he says everything about "coming home" in the beginning, and when he's on the phone with Munakata. It's so subtle but it's so perfect. Even though he's barely in the movie and season 2, I can't wait to hear that dub. I love his voice this way.

    I just love Shiro. Such a great character.

    Edit again: duh, forgot the most important part of the Totsuka thing: that he called Mikoto a king before Mikoto had any connection to the Slates (before he became the Red King). Kusanagi says in episode 10 (to Mikoto), "What made him go around boasting that you someday be a king, and he would be your vassal? Then you actually did become a king." So maybe Totsuka had some deep connection to the Slates or something. Maybe it was something he wasn't even aware of…
    (movie spoiler)

    ! Anna's dream in the movie could also be related to that. Like, maybe that wasn't just a dream, maybe he's still connected to the slates somehow, and he gave her that vision…
    season 2 spoiler

    Hey… what if Totsuka brings the Slates back? Like... his spirit or something is alive within the Slates and survives that stuff in the end of RoK.
    So also, in the novels it says that Kokujoji could control the Slates because of his hereditary onmyouji powers, which is also why he was sent to Germany to work with them on deciphering it. I feel like it's possible for other characters to have this sort of power, too, then. In any case, it shows that the Slates aren't the only magic in this series' world…

    Edit again, sorry: So if anyone's interested about the high school boy... MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING but here, read this if you're watched both seasons. http://k-project.wikia.com/wiki/T%C5%8Dru_Hieda

  • I am surprised that K: Missing Kings and K: Return of Kings dubs weren't announced at Anime Expo. I know VIZ takes awhile with their dubs but they sure are taking their sweet time with K. Especially considering that VIZ announced their acquisitions of both titles at the 2015 Anime Expo.

  • Still waiting on MK and RoK to get dubbed. Been taking their sweet time!

  • This post is deleted!

  • One bit of news, though:


    As part of the Lost Small World stage play, they're having a "Black Dog Live" Idol AU show featuring Kuroh.

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