Code Geass fanfic - Lelouch's identity exposed

  • There's a bit of talk in some of the threads about making these forums more active, so I thought I'd post a bit of Geass fanfic. This is, uhhh… the one out of my many semi-drafts that's not all fluffy SuzaLulu cuddles. So I chose this one.

    I guess it's just about various characters finding out about Lelouch's identity as Zero. It has SuzaLulu but it's not just SuzaLulu. It does start with Suzaku finding out first, and what he does after that since he's in love with Lelouch, but... if I continue it... there'd probably be more about the Black Knights or Cornelia or something. Kallen reacting to Suzaku joining them. The Student Council (having lived with Suzaku for a while, they don't believe he would just join some evil terrorist group, since he's so sweet). Lloyd and Cecile (I think Lloyd sort of knew who Zero was all along...)

    Anyway. Here's what it is so far...

    The truth was, he was only seventeen years old.
    Lelouch never thought much about it, but C.C. often wondered what the Black Knights would think if they knew that about their leader.
    The general public, too.
    A lot of people probably thought Zero must be old and scarred behind that mask. A veteran of many conflicts in past decades, a wise old general. What would they think if they knew he was only seventeen?
    Most people probably wouldn"t believe it. C.C. could think back to many situations she"d witnessed in her years, where people were faced with something they couldn"t believe, and simply refused to accept it. She imagined crowds of people angry that Zero had manipulated this vulnerable seventeen year old boy to take credit - and punishment - for his crimes. A banished prince, nonetheless.
    On the other hand, they could take the sight of this boy with this amazing mind and hold him up as a miracle. A god, even. Lelouch would like that, actually. C.C. decided not to share that thought with him, lest he try to make it come true.
    As for the Black Knights themselves, C.C. didn"t know them well enough to pin down how they would react. Humanity as a whole was predictable, but individuals were never so simple. She supposed it would depend on the circumstances in which they"d find out.
    And it happened to come to pass. The catalyst was Suzaku Kururugi.
    Suzaku had gotten out of the Lancelot, and now he faced Zero one-on-one. No knightmares, in person, just the two of them, human as anyone else. As soon as the terrorist was in his sights, he shot.
    Zero fell.
    Suzaku ran over to him. Zero was still alive - and he wouldn"t die of blood loss that fast. Still, Suzaku wanted to move quickly. He didn"t want Zero to die that easily, he wanted to see the terrorist stand trial for his actions, and face punishment by the law.
    In retrospect, he was thankful for that burst of curiosity. At the time, he"d considered it uncharacteristic, but since then, he"d come to understand himself better, and realized that it was indeed very much like him.
    It wouldn"t hurt, to peek behind the mask just for a moment. He had suspicions… it couldn"t be, though… but before he turned in the masked man… he wanted to be sure. Because if his suspicious were correct... he didn"t want to add to the list of things he could never forgive himself for..
    He pushed the mask aside, just slightly, and looked.
    His suspicions had been correct.
    He gasped, but steeled himself. Emotions could come later. Right now… but he couldn"t take him to the military for treatment. They would arrest Zero. They would let him die - or heal him just to execute him. Which was what he deserved, wasn"t it? No… Maybe Zero did, but not… Suzaku owed it to his friend to at least hear him out.
    So where then?
    A Black Knight knightmare came around the corner at that moment.
    . . . The Black Knights.
    The pilot paused when he saw the two of them - a young Japanese boy in a Britannian pilot suit, holding Zero, injured, in his arms. What must he be thinking?
    Suzaku spoke. He needs help… medical… Help him, please!"
    The knightmare paused for a moment, then knelt and put its hand down for Suzaku to climb up into, still holding Zero.
    Suzaku kept his face behind the knightmare"s finger, hoping no Britannian military would see him. He was a traitor, he knew that.
    But he couldn"t just...
    They arrived at the Black Knight"s trailer, and the man in the knightmare got out to open the door and let them in. He was a big guy with curly hair. When Suzaku got inside, he put Zero down on the couch, and showed the other man where the wound was, on Zero"s shoulder.
    The man grimaced and sighed. We"re going to have to take off his mask to deal with that. He braced himself. I"m sorry, Zero.."
    Wait- Suzaku said. Let me do it. I"m - he"s… he"s my friend.” The other man looked surprised, but then he nodded. Suzaku knelt over the other boy, and gently pulled the mask off of Lelouch"s face.
    The other man gasped. Suzaku looked at Lelouch for a second more, then proceeded to pull his jumpsuit down over his shoulder to better get to the wound. You"ll need to cut this part,” Suzaku said, gesturing to the black sleeveless turtleneck Lelouch wore under the jumpsuit.
    R-right,” the other man said, getting the box of medical supplies. He did so, and began to examine the wound.
    I paged another one of our group, who has more medical training that I do. It"s not as bad as I thought, though. I think I can handle it.” he said, and he began to clean the wound. Suzaku didn"t respond. He just knelt by Lelouch"s side, holding his unconscious friend"s hand.
    He"s so young,” Ohgi said, continuing to work on Lelouch"s wound. I… I didn"t expect that."
    Suzaku nodded, still focusing on Lelouch.
    Recently, they had been spending a lot of time together at school, but they had always been sort of distant. Now Suzaku knew that Lelouch"s reason for that was similar to his own. But at the same time, they had both felt something starting to bloom between them. And physically, they were different around each other. Suzaku had never felt like this for anyone before, except for Lelouch when they were children. But back then, it hadn"t been this strong. This was… this was something new and beautiful, and Suzaku wanted to never let go of this.
    Lelouch was still unconscious, and Suzaku still held his hand, as Ohgi finished bandaging his wound. It wasn"t even that bad of a wound,” Ohgi said. Did you make it that way on purpose?”
    I think I might have,” Suzaku said. I… suspected, but I wasn"t sure. I was in denial about even suspecting him, though. But now that I know… it makes so much sense."
    Just then, Lelouch started to wake up.
    Lelouch!” Suzaku said. Lelouch looked up at him.
    Suzaku…” he started, a bit of a smile forming on his face. Then he noticed where he was, and saw Ohgi across the room, and it was like it all came back to him.
    He touched his face, as if checking for his mask. You… what…"
    It"s okay, relax.” Suzaku said. No one else has seen you except for the two of us,” he told Lelouch. You were injured. I brought you back here for help,"
    What… but how…” Lelouch said. Then he seemed to notice the pain in his shoulder.
    Suzaku gave him the painkillers that had been left there for him. It"s not a bad wound, but you should still let it heal.” He looked down. I… I"m sorry. I shot you."
    Lelouch placed a gentle hand on Suzaku"s shoulder. It"s okay. I was the enemy. I… still am your enemy, I guess."
    No!” Suzaku said, looking back up at Lelouch. There were tears in his eyes. I can"t… I mean… I can"t fight you,” he said. He held Lelouch"s hand tighter.
    Lelouch"s eyes widened in surprise. But... you hate Zero… are you saying you"d really...?"
    I…” Suzaku started. I don"t know.” He took a deep breath. I just know. I…” he trailed off.
    Lelouch looked at him. He moved to sit up, and motioned for Suzaku to sit next to him. Suzaku did. Once they were next to each other, their eyes met. They could communicate so much without saying anything.
    Let"s just… for a moment, let"s forget about battles, and sides, and all that. Right now, it"s just us. Not a soldier and a rebel. Just… you and I. ” He held Suzaku"s hand.
    Lelouch…” Suzaku said. I… I…"
    He trailed off.
    I"ve kept asking myself,” Lelouch started, "why I would risk so much to save you. So many times. But it isn"t just that. It"s the way that I feel whenever you"re around…” Suzaku smiled.
    I… I know. It"s the same for me… I mean…” he smiled.
    They sat in silence for a while.

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