How does Black Butler 2 fit into the storyline?

  • I've watched he'd all of the episodes on Funimation, and I don't quite understand. If the Book of Circus series was contunuing right after the Black Butler 2, wouldn't Ciel be a demon? Yes. Plus, they never mention what happens once, like it never happened. Does this mean that the whole season was a sequel to Book of Circus? (Mind you I haven't seen the Book of Murder yet.) So… How does the storyline go? Did what happened between Ciel and Alois never exist... Please someone clarify.

  • Book of Circus, Murder, and Atlantic (the upcoming Campania arc movie) are all direct adaptations of the manga. Black Butler 2 was complete filler with no story ties to the manga, and thus no ties to the stories that are now being animated from it. The first season of the anime was largely filler and had an anime-original ending too. Think of Circus, Murder, and Atlantic as a separate universe entirely, with Book of Circus starting after the events with the curry contest and Agni. Advertising Book of Circus as a season 3 is very misleading.

  • ^ this, but I wouldn't call it "filler". It's just a separate story - just because it's not from the manga, that doesn't mean it's filler.
    Fullmetal Alchemist '03 was not filler.
    The live-action Black Butler movie is also not filler.

    … (and now there's going to be a live-action FMA with a new story, so that's exciting.)

    Also, the second Black Butler musical had an original story, too, and that's a side-story, also not filler.

  • Yeah poor word choice on my part I'll admit. Old habit from years back. It isn't that the content has no story-relevance in its own world, it's just not at all linked to the new animated material or the original comic.

  • Hey well thanks everyone for helping clarify. :)

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