Spin-Off Manga

  • Do you read any spin-off manga? A lot of anime and manga have spin-off manga that tell side stories, or reveal more about the world. Some of the ones I want to read are K: Memory of Red, K: Days of Blue, Gangsta: Cursed, and Attack on Titan: Before the Fall.

    What are some spin-off manga that you really like? What show or book is it based on?

  • K stuff, particularly K: Countdown. It's between the movie and the second season… it'd a bunch of things that happen there. There's a chapter where Seri and Saruhiko go to Munakata's house and meet his parents and brother. Yeah. It's cute. Also K: Stray Dog Story, since it's about Kuroh and he and Shiro are my favorites.

    None of the Code Geass spinoff manga were any good, but the anthology comics were. There was one where Lelouch and Schneizel played a card game with cards of all of the other characters - that was funny. And the one where Schneizel tried to take Lelouch's place as Zero.
    There haven't been any other shows I've been into enough to be interested... ^_^; I tried to read Soul Eater NOT!, though. I thought it was interesting, how much it showed about the worldbuilding.

  • Where are you reading the K manga at? Is it translated to English?

    I loved the anime, would really like to read some insight into certain characters.

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