Dimension W english dub edits on the site

  • I don't know what is up with this, the dub version of Dimension W has the Toonami version here. There is no OP, and the ED has replaced with an instrumental. I wonder if Funimation is going to fix that in the future.

    It can't be music rights, because they have the OP and the original ED on the sub episodes.

  • When Funimation simulcasts a series here on funimation.com, they use the original source video. For a Japanese broadcast, you would see what you would see onTV in Japan -commercials of course. IN the case of English; the TV broadcast (on Toonami).

    As the DVD release is had, the full verision will be updated on the site. Until then, English/Japanese will be different. Why do they do this? Either due to licensing reasons (so Funimation doesn't compete with Toonami website stream), or simply cause they don't put the effort into modifying it; are slacker of course :)

  • Maybe it's the masters they're using. Once the DVDs come, who knows what will happen?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Funimation doesn't cut the show, the edits are all up to the broadcaster, so Toonami is the one who cuts the songs short (instead of cutting down the show itself)

    I'm not entirely sure why Funimation would only stream the edited dub, but I'm sure it comes down to licensing, since when Space Dandy was dubbed, Toonami had timed exclusivity on its broadcast and the dub wasn't even uploaded to this site until the home video release. This seems like a similar situation where the broadcast of the dub is sublicensed out to stream on Funimation's website even though they are the ones who produced the dub

  • The opening and ending songs are both cut/edited for time. This is due to how commercials are timed on the network.

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