Missing episodes | Black Butler

  • I just realized that on the Funimation App episode 41+ 42 are missing. Also I was wondering when the dubbed version of episodes 40, 43-47 wil be available on the app. Season 3 dubbed was released on the 19th, I waited a couple of days before making this thread to see if they were going to be added; which they weren't. This thread is not me complaining, just letting you guys know and asking a question.

  • Be sure to send in a ticket to www.funimation.com/support and let the tech team know about the missing episodes. They'll look into it as soon as they get a chance.

  • I'll do it right now. Also what about the missing dubbed episodes?

  • Ooh, they're up now~ it probably had something to do with changing the season II OVAs to "OVA 1-6" instead of numbered episodes.
    I miiight have to consider resubscribing to watch the Book of Circus dub…

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