• Okay. So. I am new to Fairy Tail, but in only a matter of MINUTES I've been addicted to this show! I only started watching at the beginning of the month! HA, HA! Now I'm all the way on Season 7!

    Anyway, I have a question. I want to buy the series on DVD, but I'm so confused by the box sets. What is the difference between the PARTS and the COLLECTIONS?

    I know these both have the episodes of the show, but…is one better than the other price-wise? Like, would it make more sense to get all the PARTS or all the COLLECTIONS? Looking at this...I feel like I'm leaning towards the COLLECTIONS, but...

    A little help figuring this out would be much appreciated.

  • Collections tend to be better price wise.

    Other than some special features (Maybe? I have not looked through them all) There is no difference other than the episode count they contain.

    One thing to note is that Parts are released a LOT faster than collections. I think Fairy Tail goes to collection 5 right now which is just shy of 100 episodes but the Parts are into the 200s. Collections will be more cost effective but will take much longer to release.

    Basically they tend to release like this

    Part 1: 1-13
    Part 2: 14-26
    Part 3: 27-40

    And so on. Once the individual parts have been out for a while (could be years) they start to release collections that will have episodes 1-33 for the same price.

  • Okay, I get it now. Thank you so much. I just noticed that too. I guess I'll be getting those Parts. I CANNOT wait around for Collections. Lol.

  • Parts are released in groups of about 12 episodes, while collections are released in groups of 24 episodes. You receive the same content in both

    Collection 1: parts 1 and 2
    Collection 2: parts 3 and 4
    and so on

    The difference is that the collections are ostensibly cheaper than the parts, while the parts are released faster, as the collections tend to take a few years after the release of its composite parts

  • When is Collection 6 coming out? I got Collection 5 as a Christmas present last year and I've been waiting for that for a very large chunk of 2015.

  • They have not announced a collection 6 as far as I know.

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