Notification system for new shows?

  • I think it would be cool if you guys could make a notification system or some sort to notify people when new shows are available for the shows in the queue or something. I'm always constantly having to search for them and I was wondering if you could maybe implement it in a private message from the system or a mass message to the people who have the show in their queue to their inboxes. And for your app it could be as easy as an in-app notification. If you already have a system in which you do have the system implicated in which I mention, I'm sorry and I apologize because I couldn't find anything like it. Let me know what you think please!

  • It would be a good idea. Since now there are no notifications I just set myself a weekly reminder that a new episode of a show is available.

  • Yeah I'm on here almost every day and I am having trouble keeping up with the schedules because I'm one of the weird ones that only watches dubbed shows. I would really love to see a system of some sort to let me know when new ones are available for the shows I watch such as Fairy Tail, Assassination Classroom, One Piece, and others.

  • Although I could be mistaken, I was under the impression that something to this effect was already underway; and will be implemented with the new website. In either case, I could be wrong in either case…

  • I have searched the suggestion forum and I haven't seen anything about a system that I have posted about. If there is, then I cant wait for the update to come out. If not, then I would like to see a feature like this and hopefully other users of the site will agree with me.

  • A notification system will be a feature of the next version of the site when we move everything over to FunimationNow, but it won't be available at launch. You'll be able to receive notification on new shows, when shows in your Queue get updates, when shows in your History get updates, and more. You'll also be able to choose by language, I believe.

  • That will be great then, pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Is there maybe an appox. window of release for the feature?

  • Unfortunately, no. My guess is this year some time. It depends on how development goes on the US site and how many bugs there are initially.

  • How about the release for the new site? Ive seen a few posts about it possibly arriving in may, is it still on track for this time?

  • @DisturbedPeace:

    How about the release for the new site? Ive seen a few posts about it possibly arriving in may, is it still on track for this time?

    Not certain if you are gonna get an official response on that… as it was, the FUNI NOW app was delayed. I much rather wait for a stable platform, them have all the problems; and more so complaining, that will inevitability follow.

  • Well of course, no site or app is without its flaws. I'd also rather wait for a developed app or site for myself as well. I'm just wondering when I should make the new site my new home page lol.

  • It will be May at the earliest, but it could get pushed back a month or so.

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