Are Fairy Tail 0 eps (end of) 10, 11 and 12 safe for dubbed watchers?

  • So I was just watching episode 10 (if you haven't seen it, this is your spoiler warning) and near the very end Mavis mentions that the guild has been disbanded, which I really could have done without knowing… then it went to something happening at the Grand Magic Games but I stopped watching before I saw anything I may not want to at this point. But I'm wondering, is it safe to watch? I've had enough of the main series spoiled already. Also, are the next 2 episodes safe to watch?
    Thanks :)

  • Since you already know that the guild is disbanded, in theory you could watch the next two episodes, but I highly don't recommend doing so. You'll probably get more spoilers if you watch the last 2 eps, as they're apart of the main series.

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