What would you like to see on merch shop???

  • Just saying It's pretty limited unless youre looking for Dvds ,. side note if Funimation made a funimation shirt with a shogun helmet and mask I'd buy that biz so quick and more stuff for the shows they air i think the only ones right now are cowboy bebop( awesome not complaining much except wish there was more), assination classroom (i think one t shirt), and some ghost in the shell T's aside from that it's a few dbz stuff and funimation stuff ( which IMO isnt that worth wild looking, like if they even had a funimation logo with a slightly faded shogun helmet behind it with the mask, Id buy that) but enough of me rambling what do you guys/gals want to see more merch of?

  • "More stuff…"

  • Heh… seems to me that Dimension W jacket was a good example of what sold really well...

    I'm thinking quirky stuff like that seems to really catch fire. (yes I considered buying one too... but they seem to be perennially low on stock)

    Another good example that I likely would have bought would have been a replica of the Staff from Tokyo Ravens.

    That thing was pretty cool. Yeah probably useless junk in the end... but would have been pretty fun to have one...

    They probably won't do something like Haruhiro's dagger from Grimgar... but that's another little item I probably would have bought.

    Yeah... T-shirts and things are ok... but they're... just ok...

    They're not the type of super cool merchandise that would really catch fire.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I'd like to see, high quality, anime themed 'Plushies' in the store.

  • Imported merchandise from Japan.

    • Blind-box rubber straps and things like that
    • Stationery, particularly washi tape. Yes, they make them with anime characters. I also got Koro-sensei sticky-note tabs. Things like that.
      … though there are sites like Amiami for that.

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