Audio Volume on Streaming

  • This is a problem for me on multiple sites with headphones. I really wish I could adjust the volume more as it isn't loud enough. I think this is an issue with CW's site, Funimation, Crunchyroll and several others.

    I'm in the house with several other people in the same room much of the time and I can't play on my speakers which are plenty loud enough.

    I wish I could adjust more with headset.

    I have Corsair Void USB Wireless they are 129.99 headset so I would hope it's not just an issue of this headset being subpar. Everything sounds great, but the volume on some sites is horrible. Volume is fine in Diablo III and other things besides streaming.

  • While I don't really have a solution, all I am going to say is that I used to use Razer Megalodons and always hated how quiet they were and then I got my Sentey Arches and I am so glad I did, they are much more louder and carry vibration thingy so its nice to have tickling the area under my ears with a bass heavy sound.

    And just because it costs a lot doesn't mean its a good headset.

  • This is more like a suggestion, so I've moved it over to the Suggestion Box.

    We can look into increasing the volume. The new site has a volume adjuster, so hopefully that will work out better for you. If it doesn't, we can explore improving it. At that point, we may need more information about your system, so that we can reproduce and work on a solution.

    If you do wind up in the market for new headphones, I can't recommend the Klipsch Status ones enough. The headphones are noise isolating instead of cancelling, which is nice, and no sound bleeds out. Anything by Klipsch is amazing.

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