ScarJo is the Major.

  • Okay this was announced a while ago, but with the latest images hitting the electronic superhighway, folks are loosing their…minds about the casting.

    Sooo...what do you guys and girls think?

    Typical Hollywood white-washing?

    IMO everything depends on the script. With a good script you could have Idris Elba playing the Major and it would work.

    Just me. Cheers! :)

  • Eh, I am kind of sick of all the white-washing that has been going on lately. Seems especially bad in recent years (Gods of Egypt with Gerard Butler or a Michael Jackson BBC special with Joseph Fiennes come to mind). I would have rather seen an unknown actor that was Japanese.

  • Not a fan of Hollywood's casting decision but I'm not up in arms about it. It won't change.

  • @jreezy18:

    It won't change.

    Yeah that's right. They make too much money to change.

  • If I recall correctly, the consciousness of Kusinagi is Japanese but the body shell she uses is a caucasian woman in the manga and Masamune Shirow has even reiterated this claim.

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