Is the schedule wrong?

  • According to the release schedule we're getting 457-458 on the 19'th but then 448-456 a week later. I presume this is the wrong way round, especially as we already had the 2 episode release in 454-456, or are we getting 2 latter episodes early for some reason?

  • It's cause they now release 2 episodes of each new DVD 6 weeks prior to the DVD date….two weeks before Season 8, voyage 1's release date is April 19. Season 7 voyage 6 comes out April 26th.

  • Yeah but still 457-458 are ahead of what the other batch of episodes are coming out. So regardless it still is kind of weird they're doing it like that. But I really do wonder, why they're doing it like that though.

  • They are doing it like that because they made a change to how they release episodes for DVDs and the streaming service.

    Instead of them going up 2 weeks before the dvd releases, they now go up on the same day as the release. They release 2 episodes as a sample/teaser a few weeks prior. Its just weird timing on the releases.

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