• I am SorrealBrain. Normally, I'd be SurrealBrain, but name was taken…presumably by my old email account. Couldn't remember the password. :P That old account will forever remain dormant, so feel free to delete it.

    Ah well, I prefer the newer address anyways. But anyway, I happen to like some anime here and there. A good chunk of my anime collection just happens to be from Funimation, and I have no doubt I'll only find more from them in the future. They aren't so bad.

    Hopefully we'll all get along. :)

  • Hello and welcome!

    You mention that much of the anime is from our dear Funi. What are some examples? :D!!



    Hopefully we'll all get along.

    Like 2 peas in a pod!

  • Welcome to the forums, Sorreal. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. :)

  • Their rerelease of Pain Poni Dash, first season of Yu Yu Hakusho, first couple of seasons of Dragon Ball, their rereleases of Disgaea and FLCL, Summer Wars…I'm sure I missed a few.

    But yeah, just a few examples.

  • Welcome to the forums SorealBrain. Enjoy posting with us. You might like Fairy Tail, D-frag!, the Devil is a part timer, ÅŒkami-san and her seven companions and if you haven't finished Yu Yu Hakusho yet, you should.

  • I should finish that Yu Yu Hakusho collection. My brother got me season one's DVD as a birthday present a few years back. It was a good present, but I never got around to the remaining seasons.

    I may get the remaining seasons on Blu-Ray or DVD; if I order online, Blu-Ray, but walk to a store, then it's dependent on what I find. I'm hanging on to season one's DVD set; upgrading would insult my bro's efforts, I think, and I don't like the thought.

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