The Fun Factory: Inside Funimation (Dallas Observer Article)

  • Funimation posted an interesting article on their Facebook that is from the Dallas Observer. The article, titled The Fun Factory: Inside Funimation, the Anime-Dubbing Powerhouse That's Keeping Dallas Actors in Work, is a fascinating read about the amazing voice actors that work at Funimation. The article also talks a bit about the company itself. There is also a cool video to watch.

    Check it out!


  • Thanks for making this thread ^_^. I've never seen behind the scene things like this, it was awesome :)!

  • No problem! I hadn't seen anything like that either. Great to see how it all works!

  • I love little behind the scene things for how things are created. Especially with voice actors. Its just always so interesting to see all of the work that goes into it. It must get kind of tedious because they need to reason the same lines so many times to get it juuusssttt right. Its a long process and I don't think everyone realizes how much work they put into these Dubs to make them. (And why it can seem like an eternity for new ones to come out)

    HOTS has been doing a thing called "Building the Nexus" Where they show behind the scene things. Some of them have been with the voice actors behind the characters.

    Here is one they did with Travis Willingham who is voicing Gazlow in the game.

    Some of you may better know him as Roy from Fullmetal Alchemist. His wife Laura Bailey, AKA Lust from FMA, voices Valla and Jaina Proudmoore in the game as well <3 Though sadly they did not do an interview with her for this.

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