Dragonball DVD Question…

  • I been thinking about getting the Dragonball Box Set but I need to know something is Stephanie Nadolny still Kid Goku in Dragonball Box Set? And does anyone know if there coming out with a Blu-Ray Version of Dragonball? If so should I wait? Will the DVD Verison be Different from what I seen on TV? Like you know Theme Song or the Music? I wanted it the way it was like on TV…

  • Stephanie Nadolny is still Kid Goku in the Dragon Ball sets.

    The DVD verison is uncut and will be different from what you seen on TV (if you saw on Toonami or the Funimation Channel).

    The opening was not on Toonami but was shown on SVES on Cartoon Network and the Funimation Channel is on the DVDs.

    The ending was shortened for Cartoon Network but is fully in tact on the DVDs.

    It is unknown if a Blu-Ray set will be released in the near future.

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