Twin Star Exorcists

  • This was a surprising title for me. Given that the premise of the show is about demons and exorcists, I wasn't expecting a stylish, action show. However, that is exactly what I got. And I'm actually pretty happy about that.

    I am a pretty big horror fan, so I am pretty familiar with the genre. Unlike most media in this genre, Twin Star Exorcists takes an action-focused approach on demon exorcism that is more akin to Devil May Cry or Supernatural. The first episode was exciting and fast paced, but also had slower moments. I think this is going to be a really fun show this season. Does anyone else like this show so far? It is streaming on Crunchyroll just in case you weren't aware.

    Also, the visuals are just amazing. This show is beyond stylish. I really enjoy the dark atmosphere the art invokes. Check out a couple of screencaps I took from episode one to see what I am talking about.

    You should check out episode 1 and let me know what you think!

  • I'll add it to my long queue! :) When I get around to watching it I'll let you know what I think :).

  • lol yeah I know how that is! There are just so many shows to watch! Cool, that sounds good :)

  • Is this on FUNimation? I can't seem to fin it.

  • @MeowsterTheGod:

    Is this on FUNimation? I can't seem to fin it.


  • MeowsterTheGod, your profile pic is awesome! haha so epic

  • Honestly I did catch a few episodes of this Nub… it was better than I expected, still not my type, but it was better than you'd think.

  • It's a decent show, Animation is lacking at times (To be expected from Pierrot though) but the plot and premise are interesting enough to stick through it.

  • Twin Star Excorcists is getting a Bluray/DVD release with an English dub by Crunchyroll. With it getting dubbed soon, I decided to drop this two-cour series in favor of others airing this season. Instead, I am going to wait for the Bluray release and watch it in English. Just thought I'd share that idea just in case you want to do the same.

  • I've been enjoying Twin Star Exorcists as well.

  • Yes… I confess... this one was much better than I would have given it credit for originally... I have been sneaking a peek at the episodes here and there... and its really surprisingly much better than I thought. To the point I'm actually enjoying it.

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