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  • Just saw it. A strange start but interesting. The OP song has a catchy tone to it as well.

    I like Tenga the most so far, feels like he can be a character that is going to be fun to watch. Agata's a really strange character, not sure I'll like him although there's some background storytelling about him already. Noriko 's connection with the Kiznaiver system is interesting and I think we'll learn even more about how it works besides what's on paper like sharing wounds and damage.

    I think the artwork works for this Trigger show, comedy feels a bit like hit or miss at times, but there's quite a bit of potential.

  • I really liked the OP too, it was a good song. I agree with you, it has some good potential and an interesting premise.

    ! I still can't believe she pushed him down those stairs lol

    I am looking forward to the next episode to see how things unfold.

  • Trigger A-Team back in business.

    But yeah, I can't say I am in love with the show thus far but I think so far it's premise is unique enough to catch my attention while the character designs and overall style of the show so far has me engrossed. And boy that intro was some interesting stuff. Nice to see directorial debut has some interesting perspectives so far, and I really am digging the character designs quite a lot actually.

    Too early to tell whether the show is great or meh but overall the only time Trigger ever disappoints me is during their "gag" series such as Ninja Slayer, and just from visuals alone this is an actual thing they are doing. And it's got my attention.

  • @classyspartan:

    Trigger A-Team back in business.

    Somehow, this feels more like a Bones title than Trigger. The Boom Boom Satellites OP and fact that I didn't watch Supernatural Battles probably doesn't help that feeling.

  • I really hope they cut down the comedy soon. It's more than I had expected even if it's a Trigger show. Things are moving along with the characters' self-introductions though. But that last intro for episode 2 has my interest the most.

    Also, funny reaction at Yuta's past image on that poster.

  • I actually have a soft destination for this form of animation so yeah I can express that I around love the art/animation. The technique of characters bonding through pain looks to be used literally here if you take "one for every" a little bit too much so I'm really attracted to seeing how this would unfold but it really does appear to be a saditstic method to decide to use to enforce solidarity. After watching through it, I go for some deals direct and relax.

  • I didn't care for this. It's like they took that one emotional scene from Inou Battle and tried to elongate it into a full series, and it fell flat. For how complicated the characters were supposed to be about a show where everyone shares their feelings, they felt extremely one-dimensional. The redhead was practically a cardboard cutout

    I just think Trigger is much better at doing visually crazy action over morose feelings and characterization, so it makes me sad that they seem determined to go down this more slice-of-life route

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