• Dear Funimation,
    I would like to see a PS3/PS4 Funimation app developed. When I see that I will definitely sign up for paid streaming service. Of course you should make one for XBox and Wii U as well, but I want to see it on my PS4. Netflix anime selection is getting thin.
    Thank You

  • Agreed. Seems like console apps would make much more sense than focusing on, say, a Samsuing TV app–the effort is likely to reach more people who are genuinely interested in something like Funimation.

  • Dear Funimation,
    I would like to see if you could license this show (Seitokai Yakuindomo.)

  • kgordon, please don't hijack threads. We have a thread over in FUNimation General for suggesting new acquisitions.

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