I'm not sure if I should

  • I need help from those of you who have bought the dvd/blu ray release of a show. Is it worth it? I can't decide whether or not I should, there's the spring sale which is a great thing but I don't see the point in buying them. But at the same time I want to buy them. I can't decide if I should, or if I shouldn't.

    As you can see I have a big dilemma, and I need help D:

  • Well for certain shows (FMA: Brotherhood) if you greatly enjoy it, I would recommend buying it especially with it on sale. With a show like that, it is going to be hard to find moving forward to buying it now assures you can enjoy it again and again.

    However, that is a specific scenario. I personally do not buy a lot of anime myself, its why I stream (Fully understanding how the industry works no less) but if there is a set I REALLY enjoy its nice to get the collectors sets as they can have some really cool things in them. Art cards, I think a lighter came with Black Lagoon, the towel with Free! all of the artbooks and other things with AoT. So again, if you really liked a show and it has some awesome collectables that came with it buying it can be worth it.

    Like I said, I dont buy a lot of anime. Things like Case closed because it was cheap I bought but I tend to spend my money on other collectables (I have a $1000 wall full of amiibos…) So it is hard for me to decide for you haha! If you really like the idea of owning the anime and having a collection of DVD/BRs or having various sets from the same show then I would say it is worth it. If you really do not care either way about owning it and would only get it out of some sense of obligation to the show then I would say dont because then you wont enjoy it...

    I suppose I am not being too helpful. Is there a specific show you like that is on sale?

  • Similar to what priestesstyrande said, I usually only get Blurays or DVDs for my favorite shows, or ones I want to keep in my collection. This can be a good way to not only have a great copy you keep forever, but also helps to support the show, and Funimation. Other reasons to buy might be if a show isn't available through streaming on Funimation, or if that show is licensed by another company other than Funimation, such as Sentai Filmworks or Aniplex of America. You might also want to get the DVD/BluRay if you are interested in the bonus features or content that comes with the physical disc. Most of the time though, if it's available through streaming on here, I won't end up getting the DVD/BluRay.

    I think know one you'll definitely want to pre-order though :) The Psycho-Pass Movie.

  • @priestesstyrande:


    I know for sure that I'm going to get all 3 Evangelion movies.
    I really did enjoy Black Butler, Psycho-Pass and Tokyo Ghoul; I would see myself re-watching all of these. I was considering buying all of them, but it came out to be too expensive. (I ordered something that was worth about $100 US and it came out to be about $250 CAD.)

    I've been thinking about it and I'm only going to get movies. I would really want to get the shows but it's far too expensive; also they aren't on the spring sale list (except for one), so I don't have to get them right away.

    I do wish the Evangelion movies came with a DVD/blu ray version and not only blu ray or only DVD.

  • For me I used to buy the shows that I really enjoyed. Lately I've been buying the shows that I really want to watch but either the show or the dub is not available for legal streaming. The only downside to doing this is that sometimes as soon as you buy a show it then becomes available for legal streaming and that is pretty annoying lol. Since most of funimation shows are avalible for streaming, the only funimation blu ray I've bought in the past few months is Evangelion 3.33.

  • If I really like a show and want it in my collection, I'll buy it. Even if it's available Streaming.

    That way I'm not at the mercy of my ISP if it's down or it's flaky etc. I'm not buying as much as I used to because there are a few borderline shows that I can pass on since it is available for streaming now.

  • What I'm going to do is only buy the items that are on sale for now and then at a later time buy the other shows that I want.

  • @Anthony:

    What I'm going to do is only buy the items that are on sale for now and then at a later time buy the other shows that I want.

    Probably a good plan. (I did not know you were in Canada that conversion sounds painful). Making sure you really want it is key. Buyers remorse and all that jazz…. They will probably go on sale again in the future. Something is always on sale, just never to the scale of this spring sale :O. I plan to buy a few select things, but don't wanna go overboard. (Christmas comes to mind so....I guess waiting 5 months wont be so bad to save 1/2 haha!)

  • I'm getting the Evangelion movies, High School DxD/New, Strike Wtiches Season 1/2 and both Eden of the East movies. I was going to preorder the Psycho-Pass movie, The Girl Who Leaped Through Time and The Boy and the Beast but it was too expensive.
    The items that I'm getting comes out to about $253 US, then I found this website where it adds the taxes and duties when shipping to Canada and it came out to be about $376 CAD.

  • When it comes to Funi. I mostly buy the shows that I enjoyed as a way to show them that these types of show (or this specific series) is something I enjoy and would like more of. Also I will buy shows that I originally watched illegally, that have the license expiring or that has a REALLY good deal (alot of the S.A.V.E. titles)

  • I'm considering getting Strike Witches because it's S.A.V.E. and it's half off. (So I can get season 1+2 for about $24 US). Also I was thinking about it and I might not get the Eden of the East movies. I've been changing my mind a lot about what I want to get, it's difficult D:

  • I recently started to purchase anime again.
    starting with the save titles is a good way to build up your library.
    my last purchase was the brotherhood collections.
    Im starting to buy some of my favorites because you never know if they will ever go out of print

  • I think buying movies is a good idea. They're a bit more affordable. My most recent order was for the Fairy Tail movie.

    I also have seen Evangelion 1.11 and Evangelion 2.22, and they are awesome! Definitely worth the buy!

  • I'm definitely getting Evangelion 1.11, 2.22 and 3.33, watched the trailers and they seems really interesting

  • @Anthony:

    Is it worth it?

    The real question one should be asking is, "How much $$$ do I have?"

    If you got tons of Obamabucks, knock yourself out. If you have more of "a budget", like 90% of Americans, then perhaps not so much…

  • I has a budget (Also I'm Canadian, no Obamabucks)

  • @Anthony:

    I has a budget (Also I'm Canadian, no Obamabucks)

    Aaaa then you have Trudoubucks, or whatever.

    The best thing you should do, is figure out how much CAN$$$ you want to spent per month/quarter/year, and then figure out how many series you can buy with that. Thanks to recent price inflation in the industry, 100CAN$ at best will buy you 1 new (approx. 12 episode) series. So plan accordingly.

    The best value is to buy the older stuff of course. Finally, some series BluRay's are not worth buying, as Funimation /epicfail in localization (case in Point Date-A-Live Season 2) whereas English verision doesn't have all the special post-production edits the Japanese DVD does.

    If you really have no idea WTF to do, I suggest simply buying one show per quarter (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and that probably will be okay. Of course, the best thing you can do is simply not buy anything at all, and rather watch the stream.

    If you want to buy Anime, don't buy Funimation. Rather, buy non-Funimation products that you cannot get via a stream service instead. Watch the Funimation products via a stream.

    I know FuniStaff reading this are in "WTF mode" at the moment; alas to the consumer, this is the most logical option nonetheless…

  • I'm going to buy the Evangelion movies soon, the Estimated total was $76.93 US. But I can't forget taxes and duties, using this website (https://www.crossbordershopping.ca/calculators/canadian-duty-calculator) I concluded that it would cost me about $113.78 CAD. Sucks, but I can't do much about that now can I.

    Sorta related: I once bought a box set (Music related) worth $105 US and it came out to be $250 CAD, so it's all very expensive.

  • What the… what kind of taxes you paying? Getting from 100USD to effectively x2 that in CAN? Well... I guess NAFTA is dead after all...

    In either case, you may be better off buying it in USA, and the "runnning it over the border" perhaps. Or going to an Anime Convention in Canada. It is possible there is some sort of exchange rate loss you are suffering, that shouldn't be the case.

    Also, try buying from Amazon instead. They (if you use Canada site) should have best prices in theory as well.

    O, CANADA!!!

  • We do pay a lot of taxes, one benefit of paying all these taxes is that Health Care is free. Also there are duties when you are importing things to Canada which can get pretty expensive, it's ridiculous if you ask me.

    I think I am going to go on Amazon, I'd save quit a bit of money and I could possibly get more!

  • @Anthony:

    Also there are duties when you are importing things to Canada which can get pretty expensive, it's ridiculous if you ask me.

    Yea, now that I think about it I remember that. I thought North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was supposed to stop that? No wonder why people hate "free trade" so much it is so…

    In either case, yes buying from a local retailer is your best option.

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