Question about streaming dub episodes

  • Hello,

    Brand new here. I see that on the broadcast episode on liek 4/26 the next two dubbed episodes (227-228) comes out, but I also see it says every friday at 10pm new episodes comes out. does this mean after the week of 4/26 then 229 and so on will air? When i looked further at the schedule i didnt see any other episodes listed so I was just wondering how it work. Thanks!

  • When it says every Friday at 10 pm, it's referring to the simulcast, aka brand spankin' new episodes fresh from Japan. That having been said, Fairy Tail is currently on hiatus until further notice, so that really needs to be updated.

    As far as the dub is concerned, Funimation usually releases the first two dubbed episodes of a new batch of Fairy Tail episodes early, then puts out the rest once it gets closer to the physical release. Fairy Tail part 20 is due to come out in June, so you can expect episodes 229-239 to appear on the site sometime around then.

  • Oh okay, thank you very much! I am almost caught up with the dub and was going to switch the the sub, but I got excited seeing that maybe every week new dubs would come out and I could just keep watching the dub, but thanks for clearing that up!

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