Luger Code 1951

  • An anime to look forward to during the Fall Season has released a new promotional video. Luger Code 1951 is being made at Studio DEEN. The art style looks really cool!

    From ANN:
    "The story centers around the young linguistic genius and university professor Testa. He is introduced by his senior, Sergeant Rossa, to the Allied Cryptanalysis Department. There, he is tasked to break the enemy werewolves' code, which the werewolves are using to encrypt their radio transmissions. Testa is astounded, as the only sound the encrypted code produces is the howling of a wolf. His research yields no results, and he resolves to capture a live werewolf for better cryptanalysis. After exhausting all possible means, he finally finds a female werewolf, Yonaga."

  • LoL, I must say, the description sounds more interesting then the trailer. However, if this some sort of modern-day combat thing, IDK quite as much though… ALas, probably not Funimation, so...

  • lol true, but to be fair I think it's only a teaser trailer. You don't like combat anime? Why don't you think this one would be a Funimation title?

  • IDK, it isn't I don't like combat anime per se, rather the concept this series has (Werewolves) is more deserving. Alas, if it is on Funimation, I would at least test it out in either case.

    Alas, it could be on Funimation; the Animation-style (how the pictures are drawn) is more suited for some of the other smaller Funi-rivals who usually pick these up. We shall see, nonetheless…

  • Yeah I could see that. I am going to give it a chance though, the story sounds interesting. Kind of like Werewolves meets WWII Code Talkers.

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