Is it important that a poem rhyme?

  • Is it important that a poem rhyme? Why or why not?

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  • Not necessarily. There are different types of poems. A poem that does not rhyme is typically referred to as free verse (

  • Words are made of syllables, and some syllables are louder than others. We call the loud syllables stressed and the soft syllables unstressed. Consider the word ''destroy.'' The second syllable is louder than the first, so you could say that the word follows a pattern of unstressed, stressed. Poets have names for these patterns. A pair of syllables that follow the pattern unstressed, stressed is called an iamb. Figuring out those patterns in poetry is called scansion.

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  • there's got to be a lyricism to it, rhyming and meter works by making the strings of words more "lyrical"

    lots of people think working without rhyme and meter (i.e. free verse) makes things easier because they'd be free from all sorts of constraints, but actually they make it harder for them to actually sound good

    it also applies to songs and rap

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