Grimgar Episode 8 (dub)

  • Wow… the crew really nailed it on this one.

    I was afraid when they got to this episode they would not be able to keep up with the realistic intensity and emotional intensity from the JP crew on this one.

    They did spectacularly well in sounding like they were in a real fight for their lives on this one. I made a remark on Episode 2 that the Yume character wasn't quite as intense in her concern for Haru... but in this one, she even nails the small parts right.

    Wow... Moguzo really let it out this time. You could feel his intensity. The guy they got for this role can really turn it on when he needs to.

    But of all it was Shihoru that probably had the part that got to me most... it was the ending gravestone scene. The voice actress hit all the right notes, and really brought out the Shihoru's emotions... so very subtly and without even having a large part in this one... but it really got to me.

    The big change in this one vs the JP version... is one thing I've talked about since the beginning in how there is a different feel with the EN voice actors.... and in this case plays itself out very distinctly in the ending sequence with Haru and Mary.... a different feel on the EN side than the JP side... but both equal in their appeal...

    JP side: in the ending scene with Haru and Mary... its intended to sound and feel... somewhat awkward... but reaching out... so there are moments of silence between Haru and Mary where there is a lot of silence... and.. distance between them... and this scene in the JP version works really well because it makes you see and feel these two slowly reaching out to each other however awkwardly in a very subtle but touching way where you can feel the story progress.... It comes across as two people who are not very good at this but are trying hard to get close to one another....

    The EN side: In the ending scene between Haru and Mary... it feels much warmer, like they've already been to that step. They already feel much closer to each other in the beginning of the scene so there's no real awkwardness between them. And it feels like a very natural and warming friendship had already started between them. So the scene flows very naturally. It doesn't have the awkwardness of two people who have never done this before.

    Both portray a different feeling... but neither one of them is really wrong or a bad translation, and both of them work well.

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