American and Japanese voice acting processes; why are they different?

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    Recently something has piqued my curiosity; I am wondering why the Americans and the Japanese go about the process of voice acting in two different ways. I haven't found very much information to go on about this, but from what I know the American voice acting process involves each person recording his or her lines for an entire show or movie separately in a recording booth. In contrast, the Japanese process is more social; several voice actors basically gather together and act out scenes (think like a play or musical).

    My main question is this: are there any advantages or disadvantages to how each group goes about this? Please tell me your thoughts about this matter.

  • American- animating to the acting.

    Japanese- acting to the animation. Group session also saves time = money.

  • My question is more focused on the voice acting process itself, not necessarily when it's done during a show's production. In other words, are there any advantages or disadvantages between voice actors doing their lines separately or in a group?

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