P.J."s review: Tama No-Rin.

  • After recovering from the essential train-wreck that was Master of Martial Hearts, I definitely needed to go with something lighter. Although skeptical at first, I decided to give No-Rin a chance, and, it did not disappoint. My initial thought was, Meh, farming etc I"m typically not into that, however, this series was just so much more. Delving deep into the cultivation of relationship. There were a number of instances that really stood out to me, in particular, the aspect of Ms. Becky. Yes, there were some hijinks associated with her, however, what she highlighted with respect to the stages of life is sooo true. Like her, I believe there to be windows” (if you will) of opportunity at different stages of life, and, if not seized, can lead to the living of a very unfulfilled life. I oftentimes question, at different points in my own life, could things have been different? What if I chose route B over A? If I had to do it all over again, would anything have been different? Or, would I have just chosen the same paths, because, I would have been confronted with the same annoying constraints and not been able to do anything different anyway? These are questions that can perpetually haunt, I guess the hope is that I tried to do the best for that given time. When Becky detailed elementary school, high school, college, and work - - I was like, Yup, that about sums it up, especially in the context of relationship”. I"m not sure if this was true for anyone else here, but, for me, between high school and college, it was nothing but work and no time to go on dates as pathetic as it sounds. I would laugh watching the news where I saw the kids going crazy on Spring Break - - no, that was not me, lol. I was home, up to all hours of the night writing term papers! Where the Spring Break people found the time to gallivant during college, to this day, I still can"t figure out. Anyway, when Becky explained how even on your days off from work you just have no motivation to do anything because you"re downtrodden, is so true as well. After putting in a tiresome workweek, it"s like, Let me just sleep….” It might be easier to scale Everest than finding inspiration, especially, these days.

    So, in my time watching No-Rin, Ms. Becky"s character really spoke to me, however, there was another aspect of this show that I would like to discuss. Kosaku was faced with a choice in the end, yet walked this delicate line almost as skillfully as most congressional leaders discuss cuts to Medicare. His summation statement to both Ringo and Minori in the last episode couldn"t have been delivered smoother even if Bill Clinton had said it. I couldn"t believe what I was hearing - - what a placement - - I did not see that coming. I was thinking, Someone is going to be let down, and I hate to be there when that hits the proverbial fan....” My goodness, it was an argument crafted as such that I think I"ll even hear it for the proceedings in the Montana polygamist case (laughs). All in all, neither Ringo nor Minori would have any of it, and they boxed him good. If I was Kosaku, I would have made a choice. Although Ringo was an inspiration to him, I would have aligned with Minori. You have to understand, Minori"s family took on a mighty burden (essentially adopting him) after his own family seemingly dissolved. When Kosaku initially met Minori and her family (when his family was stable) he was very introverted. Minori did everything she could to get Kosaku out of his shell” (so to speak). Minori was always there for him, like a guardian angel, and that cannot be overlooked, at least in my opinion. It is because of the former, that I would have, unhesitatingly, run into Minori"s loving arms.

    Concluding, if you are looking for a new anime to watch, definitely give No-Rin a shot. Such a solid storyline - - we can only hope for more. And yes, Miss Becky, I am available.

    Take care,


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