Any Idea on when they are going to release Shomin Sample?

  • I think I have truly fallen in love with Aicha….what a cutie.... but on a more serious note...

    Its a show where the sub never hooked me but the Dub sure did... so I am looking forward to a video release on this one.

    On a side note...
    I did pick up a rather obscure one that was really hilarious, that I enjoyed... and yes it really is what it says it is... it was called "Recently My Little Sister is Unusual." I am still snickering over it. And honestly if you understand the mysticism behind it, it will make much more sense. But it was really good.

  • probably next year

  • @Phoenixus:

    Recently My Little Sister is Unusual."

    That was a funny one.I just bought that ine a couple of weeks ago.

  • Yeah it was a recent one for me too,

    I didn't think it would be as good as it was but I actually loved it. I was paging through the Right Stuff and saw it. So I gave it a try. I'd seen it there for a while and thought about it, but never picked it up. I'm really glad I did. It was great.

  • that's the one with the ghost girl and chastity belt, right? thought it was pretty stupid.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Getchman:

    that's the one with the ghost girl and chastity belt, right? thought it was pretty stupid.

    Yup that's the one… and I got a kick out of it. I liked it.

    Tell you what man... one thing that might help you understand this one better... in EASTERN religion... its believed that the souls of your children or future children will visit you prior to being born... heaven's gate isn't really heaven's gate in the normal sense of the word...

    Now... go watch it again... and you'll start to understand what its actually about.

  • nope. once was enough

  • I didn't last one episode. x.x

  • Heh… well ok,

    What it's about is reincarnation, the ghost girl is actually her soon to be daughter, and cannot be reborn unless Mitsuki gets together with the guy or rather has sex with him. So this is what the Ghost is really about and what she's actually doing, even though they don't outright talk about it. She's trying to get her future mother together with her future father.

    That's what the heaven's gate is really about...its about her soul being reborn rather than fading away into nothingness.... and why in the end even though they build all the stairs they have to start all over again because they never reached the actual goal.

    So that's what the comedy is actually about.

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