Black Butler Movie???

  • As of last year, we had two live-action films released into American theaters. Those being Attack On Titan and AOT: End of the World. However, Black Butler released a live-action movie in Japan at the start of 2014 and the fan base for it rivals if not exceeds the titan loving community. Will this ever get released into American Cinemas in Subbed or Dubbed form?

    P.S If you say that they cannot because the rights belong to Warner Brothers, they got the rights for Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F from 20th Century Fox.

  • a) Black Butler fandom is not as big as Titan fandom. I'm a Black Butler fan and not a Titan fan but I still recognize that. It has nothing to do with which is better, it's just a fact. Attack on Titan also has more appeal to people who don't know the series/ don't usually watch things with subtitles - namely, big, bloody monsters and stabbing. That's what people want nowadays…

    b) there are often issues with talent agencies in Japan setting high prices on the use of their actors' images - far more than FUNi would be able to pay. I think this was also an issue with the live-action Ouran drama series.
    If that's not the issue with the Black Butler movie (which, the fact that it got an Australian release may or may not indicate), then I don't know. They should license it - I saw it in theaters in Japan and I thought it was good.
    It isn't a movie of the manga series, by the way... it's sort of a spin-off, in a completely different setting and different characters (the butler is a contracted demon named Sebastian, but other than that, he isn't the same Sebastian... his character is very different. He acts a lot more human than the original Sebastian). It's a similar story inspired by the manga, but it isn't the same thing.

    Still. It's a good movie. I'd like to see it get released, too. (Probably just on DVD/BD though, at this point...)

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