Simulcast Video Episode Listing

  • So… when you go to the Videos link, then Simulcasts, it lists both simulcast shows and then below that simulcast episodes. However, under the simulcast episodes, it lists all the episodes for the show so far that season and sometimes you have to go through multiple pages to find the new simulcast for a show.

    Why not just show the newest simulcast shows?? You can still see the old shows if you just go through the show links at the top of the page. I just think this would streamline things a bit better.

  • Glad I'm not the only one feeling that way.

    Was like that before and i agree it should have stayed like that.

    Now it gets annoying to see the simulcast videos be shown by default by show instead of by latest. Also if you go to all simulcast videos and ask for latest it STILL shows it by series. I personally don't call that being by latest since for example today we see No-Rin episode 1 being showed as the latest even though it got added 2 days before Space Dandy episode 2 that is being listed as 8th. It gets harder to follow a series properly because of that phenomenon.

  • This is actually a bug. The carousel should actually work as you have described. There is a developer ticket in to fix it.

  • Um, the problem is back with this new season of shows. Just thought I'd let you know and thanks in advance for the fix again.

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