Excellent episode to finish Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (sub)

  • I have to say…

    This was a series I originally intended to only watch as a secondary. I was curious at first because of the art style and it had a lot of potential to be something really special....

    I was not disappointed. It only took a couple of episodes on this one and I was hooked... no.... obsessed would be a better word for it. I could not stop watching this one. So obsessed in fact I went out and immediately read all the light novel translations. And this was a surprisingly close version to the light novels.

    The voice actors were superb regardless of character (whether Haruhiro, Yume, Ranta, Shihoru, Mogazo, etc), you could FEEL the characters.... not just hear them.... the pacing which could seem slow with any other anime only served to enhance it... not detract. The mystery that started the whole thing off which was intriguing... fell by the wayside and was never even noticed due to how good the story was. Each episode flew by in what seems much faster time than the actual 25 minutes it said. Seemed like they were only 10 minutes and done.

    The characters and their development in what would have been a very dark anime... were brightened by the art style and a real emotional content, so no matter how bad the situation got... it never felt dreary. The situations were real... not super hero-esque... and not in terms of just emotions, but also the combat surrounding them....this was... world building, and a subtle development of characters.

    It was truly the most intriguing anime of the winter season. And honestly became one of my favorites.

    This was one incredible world to be a part of... and given that its selling pretty good in JP... I may get to see a second season on it.

    I was a real fan of The Gate anime... but this one shockingly topped it for me. And I truly love The Gate series.

    I heard a lot of people talk a lot of smak about how this was a "trapped in the MMORPG" type anime... but by the end... it proved itself to be anything but that... and an entirely different animal of its own.

  • Is it over yet? 'bout time…

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