Recomendations for Someone Who Doesn't Watch Alot of Anime

  • For someone who doesn't watch a let of Anime, I am pretty picky about which ones I like. I'm not a fan of campy, fanfare, or other things like that. I like Anime with Mature themes, my favorites being: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Claymore, and Death Parade. I want to watch something new but I am unsure what would be a good anime to start.

    *Side Note: Below is a list of Anime I tried recently but haven't grabbed me the same way as the ones mentioned above:
    Ergo Proxy (Started good but the middle and ending were bland)
    Blood-C (3 episodes in and I am bored, maybe it gets better?)
    Speed Grapher (Not bad, I like the characters but the animation looks dated)
    Gangsta. (Actually liked this one but it ended abruptly)
    Tokyo Ghoul (Another Anime that started well but kinda lost me in the second season)

  • Try out Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Terror in Resonance.

    If you want something with mature themes without a lot of action, try Selector Infected Wixoss or Noein.

  • Seconding Bebop. And adding one Trigun to that as well.

    Have you seen the original FMA or just Brotherhood? It's a different story and well worth watching, especially since you say you loved Brotherhood.

    Black Lagoon is a maybe, but if you liked Gangsta then I think there's a good chance you'll like this one. Jormungand also generally seems to be liked by the same people who like Black Lagoon and Gangsta.

    Noragami - since you liked FMAB, this one gets silly at times, yes, but it's also got some powerful emotional chops behind it as well

    Steins;Gate - has plenty of silly nerd humor, but it's a pretty fun time travel thriller

    Akira - this is a classic movie, old but has great animation and it will give you something to chew on

    If you're willing to venture beyond just Funimation titles and watch shows on Crunchyroll, Hulu, The Anime Network, Netflix, etc:

    Madoka Magica - this might look cutesy and shallow at first glance, but just stick with it through at least episode 3. It was written by the same guy who wrote Psycho-Pass season 1 (Gen Urobuchi)

    Fate/Zero - also Gen Urobuchi
    Death Note
    Ghost in the Shell
    Magi - since you liked FMAB, it has it's silly points (like Aladdin's love of big boobs), but it's also fairly dark at times
    From the New World

  • One of my favorite shows right now Is The Heroic Legend of Arslan. It's got a great story, amazing art, and compelling characters. Highly recommended.

  • Well I would recommend Baccano and Darker Than Black, but unfortunately thanks to Aniplex being a dick they are now out of print.

    One that I really enjoy is Gungrave. It's a bit dated but the story is fantastic.

    Blood Blockade Battlefront is another one that I recently enjoyed.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    Well I would recommend Baccano and Darker Than Black, but unfortunately thanks to Aniplex being a dick they are now out of print.

    What's worse is they only took season 1! I was halfway done too

  • Thanks for the suggestions, I think I'll start with Terror in Resonance and work my way through the list.

    To Firefly: I started FMA after seeing Brotherhood but thought that Brotherhood had a much more coherent story arc. As far as the titles you recommended outside of funimation; I've seen Morbito and the Fate/StayNight and Fate/Zero. I liked both. Morbito was fine but it had slow story development. The Fate series was entertaining and the rework on StayNight was a huge improvement. I'll look into the others.

    Any other recommendations would be welcome too.

  • Well, I am surprised, no one mentioned the obvious… "Eden of the East". An mature anime series that some events take place in USA as well. Definitely one of the best series out there if you like that type of anime.

    Else, if you are interested in the current broadcast simulcasts, I would advise "Dimension W". Make sure to watch the sub, and not the dub, as I have pointed out in other threads here.

  • Erased is a good one to check out and Deadman Wonderland.

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